• Brian

    Brian Cohen

    Executive Director
  • _91A5380

    Carrie Darsky

    Assistant Director
  • Yonah Hain

    Rabbi Yonah Hain

    Campus Rabbi
  • Jim Levin

    James Levin

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Yonatan

    Yonatan Arnon

    Israel Fellow
  • _91A5382

    Allie Conn Kanter

    Director of Engagement
  • _91A5394

    Mindie Erreich

    Student Life Associate
  • Noam Friedman

    Rabbi Noam Friedman

    JLIC Rabbi
  • Megan Goldman

    Rabbi Megan Goldman

    Senior Jewish Educator 
  • HU1_9544

    Jaimie Krass

    IACT Coordinator
  • Mila

    Mila Reznikov

  • Becca Wenger

    Becca Stern Wenger

    Development Associate
  • Shana Zionts

    Shana Zionts

    Director of Student Life
  • Angela

    Angela Lora

  • Collegiate

    Amaury Perez

  • pedro

    Pedro Rios

    Front Door Reception
  • yoni2

    Yoni Dahlen

    Clergy Intern
  • _91A5408

    Goldie Guy

    Clergy Intern
  • _91A5399

    Dan Ross

    Clergy Intern